Property Owners


Our tenant screening and selection procedures incorporate personal judgement, credit checks and our assessment of the ability of the prospective tenants to maintain regular rental payments in addition to caring for your property.

All this is carried out before any Tenancy Agreement is signed.

In our experience most tenants are found by Trademe and our website.

We act as a buffer between the owner, tenant and tradespeople to receive and action any requests, enquiries or maintenance issues.



A very in-depth and comprehensive written condition report is done before the tenancy commences.

The tenant is given the option of making changes to this report so we can reach an agreed condition at the commencement of the tenancy. On receiving this a copy of the report is sent to the owner for their records.

This forms the basis of the tenancy and any discrepancies beyond normal wear and tear at the corresponding termination inspection are deducted from the bond. Photographs of the property may also be taken at this stage.

Regular inspections are carried out 3 times a year. Firstly to make sure the tenants are looking after the property and secondly as a routine maintenance check. Inspections are also carried out at any other time that it may be considered necessary i.e. tenancy problems or inspection of repairs.



We collect all rents as they fall due and monitor these on a daily basis to ensure that any late payments are quickly identified and the appropriate follow up action taken. This may include Mediation or Tenancy Tribunal Hearings if necessary.

When it is appropriate we will advise on and recommend rent reviews.



If any services affecting the interior operation of the premises fail they will be remedied i.e. gas, electricity, plumbing or roofing.

We use professional and trusted tradespeople for all work, however, there is also the facility to use specified tradesmen if it is your wish. We will check and pay these accounts on your behalf.



Rents are collected into a holding account and each month an account will be produced detailing all rent receipts and expenses for the current month. The expenses and commission due will be deducted from the transfer and the balance deposited into your account on the 15th and 1st of the month or the first working day after this. If there are insufficient funds to cover the expenses they are deducted from the following transfer.

If you are overseas we will pay all service accounts on your behalf i.e. final power, final telephone, rates and insurance's at no additional charge.

Commission is paid on rent collected only and not on other expenses or charges which are paid on your behalf.

For a no obligation discussion of your requirements feel free to contact us to arrange a mutually acceptable time.