Selection Process

Before becoming a tenant of Faulke Property Management we will require an interview form filled out which gives us a lot of information about you.  We will also require a signature on this allowing us to talk to referees and to carry out credit checks.

Only when we are satisfied with our investigations will we make an appointment with you to carry out the signing procedure.  If you are not selected for a property we will not provide a reason for this.

Initial Property Check

On entering the property, or as soon as possible after this time, you will be provided with 2 reports on the condition of the property.  You then have 5 working days to go through one of these and make any amendments which you consider necessary.  Then sign one of these and return it to us.  Keep the other one for your records. 

We will then have an agreed condition of the property at the beginning of the tenancy and this will be used when your tenancy terminates to determine if anything more than “fair wear and tear” has occurred.


Inspections are carried out 3 times a year.  These are scheduled into our calendar and the first inspection may be anything from 2 weeks to 17 weeks after the tenancy begins.  From this time they will be close to 17 weeks apart.  On these inspections we will check for how you are looking after the property and also check for maintenance such as leaks under the sink and tub etc.

Your responsibilities

These are found in the Residential Tenancies Act and we have provided a copy of the important ones in the lease.